Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

July 20, 2022

What are the signs of a clogged drain? If you’re dealing with strange noises, smells, or changes in water pressure, then you must detect the signs earlier to prevent costly repairs and damages.

Slow drains

If your drain is functioning slower than normal for no reason, then it could be due to various reasons. The common culprits are the hard objects or substances clogging it up. Hair, grease, soap, and other objects may create clogs that build up over time, this makes your drain slow. Don’t just ignore it, it’s good to get your drains cleaned immediately.

Frequent clogs

When you repeatedly face an issue of frequent clogs in the toilet or shower drain don’t assume it as a coincidence. If you’re experiencing frequent clogs then there’s a major clog inside your drains. For such kinds of issues, it’s better to call a professional to tackle the issue.

Standing Water

Do you notice water around your washing machine or dishwasher? It may not be due to the fault in appliances, especially if you also find standing water around a basement floor drain. If you notice standing water in the sink or shower around the base of a toilet, then it also indicates a severe clog. Call a plumber to clear the pipes and get your water flowing again.

Gurgling Sounds or Air Bubbles

Keep your ears sharp near the sink after you turn off the water. Do you hear any gurgling sounds or other unusual noises? Then, keep an eye on the toilet as you turn on the faucet. Do air bubbles rise from the water? Don’t ignore these noises or air bubbles because the problem will only get bigger unless you schedule drain cleaning services. Air bubbles from your toilet are due to the clogs in the sewer line. The water holding in the pipes may drain down slowly or sometime it may leak in surrounding soil. Schedule a mainline cleaning right away.

High Water Bills

It’s normal for water bills to fluctuate, but if there’s a sudden hike in one month then just take care of it. You could have a plumbing leak, but it’s not that easy to find the leak. They may be hidden underground or behind your walls. If you can’t find any leaks, then contact a plumber for help. Keep your drains leaned to ensure a free-flowing plumbing system.

Backed-Up Plumbing Fixtures

If the kitchen sink backs up while the dishwasher is running, then it’s a sign of a clog.

However, if that doesn’t work, you could have a serious plumbing problem which needs immediate attention. If left untreated, then it could expose your family to toxic sewage or lead to dangerous issues.

Toilet Overflows

Toilets clog and overflow if not checked. But if you find yourself constantly cleaning up an overflowing toilet, there is an underlying issue. If two toilets are clogging at once, then call a professional for drain cleaning. Toilets have a direct line to the sewer, so if there’s a clog it’s a huge problem.