Is Centreville Virginia a Good Place to Live?

October 28, 2022


Bull Run Regional Park

If you're looking for a place to live in the Richmond area, you may want to consider Centreville, Virginia. The area has many advantages, including good schools, a great local community, and plenty of things to do. In addition, there are a number of homes for sale in the area, more information of Del Aria Team crm.

Centreville has a low crime rate compared to surrounding cities. In fact, Centreville's crime rate is lower than the national average. This is important because crime tends to occur where people congregate. If you're worried about crime, you can check the Centreville crime map to see if you're living in a safe area.

The area also offers a variety of outdoor activities. For those looking for hiking trails, Centreville is home to the Bull Run Regional Park, which features miles of trails and athletic facilities. There are also several horseback riding stables in Centreville.

Ellanor C. Lawrence Park

If you are looking for a good place to live in Centreville, VA, you've come to the right place, check out the good real estate agent near you. This neighborhood has a walk score of 65, a bike score of 72, and a transit score of 27. It's convenient to get around Centreville by car thanks to I-66 and VA-28. The area also offers 4 electric vehicle charging stations, eight level-2 charging points, and two DC fast charging stations.

If you're interested in hiking, you'll love Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, which offers four miles of trails and a lily pond. The trails are mostly flat and easy to walk. There are also a variety of animals to watch, including herons and turtles. There's also a boardwalk, so you can enjoy the natural beauty of the area without having to travel long distances.

Air quality in Centreville

When it comes to air quality in Centreville Virginia real estate agent, residents can feel safe knowing that it's at an average level, with pollution levels around 47 parts per million. These levels are below the US average of 58 parts per million, but still far below what is considered to be unhealthy. To help combat the pollution levels, residents can reduce their car use, combine trips, and use mass transit where possible. In addition, they should limit idling of their vehicles, which contributes to particle pollution. Furthermore, they should avoid using gasoline-powered lawn mowers, which can worsen air quality. Also, air conditioning should be set to 78 degrees or lower.

Crime rates in Centreville

A crime map shows the most dangerous areas in Centreville so consul a realtor near you. These areas are marked in red while the safest areas are marked in yellow. Crime rates are also broken down by day and by retail establishments. Retail areas are often the most crime-prone in Centreville. While crime rates may seem higher in these areas, the statistics are not always indicative of actual danger.

Centreville's population is largely comprised of young adults and families. The median age is 37 years old, and the average family has three children. Despite its small population, Centreville ranks higher than the national and state averages for diversity.